How does the festival become carbon neutral?
The festival is carbon neutral because it gets the renewable energy from local energy sources produced on the festival site. 
In what areas is the festival carbon neutral?
All installations at the festival, including scenes, bars, and light installations, receive energy from plants that produce renewable energy. The plants are found at DTU, thus making all energy locally produced. The energy comes from a Stirling-motor, a Viking-gasify system, and two generators that run on 2nd generation bio-ethanol and DME. Solar cells and bicycles will also be used to generate energy.
How will CO2PENHAGEN reduce energy?
CO2PENHAGEN reduces energy use by implementing innovative low-energy technologies. In comparison with a traditional festival of the same size, CO2PENHAGEN will only use half the amount of energy. This is made possible from the use of low energy technologies found at the Technical University of Denmark, such as absorption cooling (cooling from excess heat), solar cells, and LED-lighting.
In what places can we not ensure Carbon neutrality?
We can ensure CO2-neutrality for all three days of the festival. However, we cannot ensure CO2-neutrality for the preparation time up to the festival, or with regards to transportation to and from the festival (cars, busses, trains, etc), or with the food and drinks that are delivered and sold at the festival. Our ambitions are to make all the elements as climate-friendly as possible and to the best of our ability.