CO2PENHAGEN in Sydney!

Why are we here?

CO2PENHAGEN was invited by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture to participate in the Danish delegation ‘Bright Green Denmark’ going to Australia in November 2011.

The tree focus areas of ‘Bright Green Denmark’ are ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Renewable Energy’ and ‘Food & Food Technology’. Although the focus of the delegation is to promote Denmark and Danish business in Australia, something new is on the agenda.

The Danish Arts Agency have been asked to look into the possibilities of developing a new concept for the delegation, enabling synergy between the Arts and Business to increase the value of the business delegation.

Also, cultural events in public spaces (such as the exhibition in Customs House) will be used to involve the community at large in sustainable thinking and reflection.

CO2PENHAGEN Festival itself became a unique example of how to connect and combine cleantech businesses, universities, designers as well as artists to create something new. Seeing this concept being implemented in a different context is very exciting. We expect that the integration of Arts and Business and the engagement of the public will result in great discussions and development of new sustainable solutions.

This exhibition was created by;

The founders of CO2PENHAGEN Festival, Katrine Vejby and Nina Louise Jensen

With tremendous help from;

NIEA, Margaret Farmer and Rachael Kiang In Sydney

Helle Juncker Hansen in Copenhagen

Jonathan Donahue in New York