In the Explore Zone you can get smarter on the environment and the energy sollutions of the future, all the while you’re playing games. From mobile computer games to role playing – the Explore Zone makes it fun to get smart!
Energy Crossroads
Energy Crossroads is a worldwide student-driven interest organization dedicated to working for at sustainable future. At CO2PENHAGEN they are introducing the LEGO-brick game ‘Changing the Game’.
In ‘Changing the Game’ you must work together with the other players on developing strategies for a clean, prosperous and secure energy future for the World. During the game, the players will design their dream scenarios for a sustainable future. wind power? Solar energy? Og perhaps second generation bioethanol? The choice is yours.
But, having figured out how you would like your brave new, green world, now it’s up to you to make it come true: You cannot violate the laws of physics. And how do you plan to get your wishes to come true – within the rules of democracy?
‘Changing the Game’ will be played several times during CO2PENHAGEN at the Explore Zone. If you would like to participate in a game please email:
IDA – Danish Society of Engineers
IDA, the Danish Society of Engineers is currently collaborating with award-winning ecological Ørbæk Brewery to create an ‘IDA beer’ to be sold at CO2PENHAGEN. Other than the savoury beers you will be able to taste, other activities will also take place at IDA’s stand.
One such activity is expected to be the mechanical rodeo bull, that IDA traditionally brings every year to Polyteknisk Forenings annual summer party at DTU. However, at CO2PENHAGEN, the bull will be driven by CO2-neutral energy from a second generation bioethanol generator. This is an excellent showcase of how a very concrete activity can be carried out using renewable energy. Grab the bull by the horns!


Mobile games
At the Co2penhagen festival, you can interact in different activities on-site and in the Explore Zone. Guests can play mobile games developed by DTU students and they can use their festival wristbands, which are built with 2D barcodes, to create a personal profile online and to participate in various competitions on-site.
GAME 1: Environmental Awareness
There are three different multiplayer mobile games in this category: Car Game, Garbage Collector, and Snake. Their goal is to stimulate environmental awareness and self-reflection. The idea behind the Car Game is to encourage replacing old polluting cars with new ecological cars on the player’s mobile phone. Garbage Collector is an educational game, which teaches players how to turn their rubbish into a resource by sorting correctly. The Snake is a new spin on an old fashioned mobile game, only in this case, the snake is run on a sterling engine, just like the festival, and in order to power its engine it needs to eat wood chips! These three games make environmental education fun and interactive for the young and old.
GAME 2: Experience Sharing
This project involves capturing images, pictures, and guests’ quotes from the festival via the mobile phones’ of CO2PENHAGEN volunteers. The information is sent to the festival’s main PC, which is then sent to festival screens as well as the CO2PENHAGEN website.The overall intent of this interactive game is to capture the day’s events, and give everyone the chance to be involved and to express their thoughts about the festival.
GAME 3: Personal Profiles & Sharing
All guests will get a wristband with a unique 2D barcode. This will connect people to a festival-wide social network. The aim will be to stimulate social interaction, participation in on-site competitions,  and it will link participants to their own personal profile on the Co2penhagen website. On their personal profile, guests will have their picture and information, and they will be able to add interesting facts to their profile by scanning their wristbands at booths in the activity and explore zone. Another game involves scanning guests’ wristbands at garbage cans when they sort their garbage correctly.
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