This is the zone where you will get a chance to get in-depth information about certain new technologies or ways of using it. Students from DTU and Risø DTU along with CO2PENHAGEN’s collaborators are standing by to introduce their own projects.
Like the name hints, the zone is dedicated to letting you explore. For instance, test drive one of the electric cars showcased here, learn more about second generation bioethanol, or try out one of the interactive mobile games developed by students from DTU Informatics.
Eco Car Exhibition
Eco cars is one thing that students from DTU Mechanical Engineering are very focused on creating. At their stand, they will demonstrate a selection of the eco cars they have created in collaboration with their sponsors.
In all, there are around seven prototype eco cars that demonstrate the research projects within the field of bio fuels and engines.
You can get a chance to try out the ecological car yourself at the exhibition, which will also include entertaining events such as a car quiz hosted by radio station P3’s Henrik Milling – join us for a friendly game!
Electric cars
The electric car provides CO2-friendly transportation using the electric engine. At CO2PENHAGEN, we think that it makes sense to invest in electric vehicles because the CO2-emission is reduced by at least 50% compared to vehicles using a combustion engine – even when the production of electricity is based on oil, coal and gas, like it is today.
The Electric Car and Boat group’s purpose is to give the visitors at CO2PENHAGEN a chance to see and try out a selection of electric cars and electric boat engines that can be acquired in Denmark. We will also display Better Place’s infrastructural model for changing and charging rented batteries. It will also be possible to test electric bicycles and electric mopeds.

If you are interested in participating in the Electric Car group’s work or have knowledge on an electric transportation product that you think deserves to be displayed at CO2PENHAGEN, please email

Second Generation Bioethanol
This demonstration project by Risø DTU displays the second generation bioethanol which is produced on-site. Here, a fermentation tank and a distillery will be running throughout the festival
Ph.d.-students from DTU Mechanical Engineering, Kim Rene Hansen and Claus Suldrup Nielsen have built a generator which runs on second generation bioethanol. The generator was demonstrated at DTU’s Climate Workshop in November 2008 where it was used to cool ice in the night time for drinks and during the day it supplied power to light, sound and projectors for a small short film presentation.
Ph.d.-student Efthalia Arvanti explains:
“In this stand, we want to emphasize the sustainability aspect of 2nd generation bioethanol and show how pure ethanol can be produced from corn stover, whereas the leftovers from this stream can feed the Stirling engine for production of CHP. Moreover, the energy utilization is one of the key points of the demonstration, so we found nice the idea to try to find flexi-fuel small cars and/or eco-mopeds. These efficient vehicles can be used for the needs of transportation in the festival area. Moreover, for the sake of energy saving, lighting of the stand can be accomplished by candles burning the ethanol fuel.”
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