In the Lounge Zone you will have the opportunity to relax and kick back in specially designed BLOWJOB® furniture built with sustainable materials.

This is also the place where you can enjoy a nice cold beer with a good conscience, seeing how all the drinks are cooled by absorption cooling, which is produced by solar heating and surplus heat from the renewable energy plants from the festival.

The cooling of both food and drinks is actually one of the biggest energy guzzlers at regular concerts – in fact cooling uses more energy than the concerts themselves!

BLOWJOB® Furniture
The Inflatable lounge furniture ‘Blowjob’ is created from recycled plastic, paper and air, and leaves no waste.
When inflated, the piece of furniture provides seating for up to 6 people. With its rustic, industrial and unpretentious appearance, Blowjob is pure functionality which opens up to the user’s own fantasy. At CO2PENHAGEN the furniture will be filled with LED lights.
To see Blowjob® in action, click here
Short & Sweet Films
Short & Sweet is London’s only weekly short film evening. At CO2PENHAGEN, Short and Sweet will be screening a selection of the finest short films, music videos and short animations from around the globe including old films as well as new, from established Directors to film makers completely undiscovered. The screenings take place in the Lounge area, where the films will be running at set times over the 3 days.
To find out more about Short & Sweet, visit
Rapeseed Generator
Did you know that you can replace diesel with rapeseed oil for fuelling an engine? Rapeseed oil is much less damaging to the environment than the fossil fuels that we use today to keep the engine running. At CO2PENHAGEN, the rapeseed oil generator will be used for producing energy for the Lounge and the Explore zone.
People Behind
Lounge Design
Ronald Laurits Jensen student at the Danish Design School
Lars Ulrik Aaen Andersen – Vice Director, DTU Photonics
Trygve Dam, student, DTU Design and Innovation
Rapeseed Oil Generator
Claus Suldrup Nielsen, Research Assistant, DTU Mechanical Engineering, Energy Crossroads
Kim René Hansen, Ph.d.-student, DTU Mechanical Engineering, Energy Crossroads
Short & Sweet
Julie Stephenson, founder of Short & Sweet
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