In the Activity Zone, you will get the chance to test the different energy technologies yourself.

Try out one of the 16 eTenzor fitness bicycles which are hooked up to the DJ stage. This is a unique chance to be on the stage using your leg muscles to generate electricity for the speakers, and helping us out with energy production!

The stage is also built with large screens, where the rest of the audience can follow the amount of energy being produced. Put the pedal to the metal – literally!

Bike your own smoothie
Would you like a smoothie? Remember, you’re only allowed to have one if you bike your way to it…
At the smoothie bar which is designed by Architect Jane Havshøj we are installing five eTenzor bicycles for you to test and get a smoothie out of it. This is how it works: when you are riding an eTenzor bike, you are creating energy, that goes into a small battery. This battery, in turn, is connected to adapters that turn energy into power, which is used to run the blenders.
The smoothies are made by the famous chef Umahro Cadogan of ‘Sundhedsrevolutionen’. Ecological fruits, yogurt, berries, vegetables and herbs combine to make healthy and very delicious smoothies.You can learn more about Umahro and Sundhedsrevolutionen at
DJ’s and Cycling
The Activity Zone is where you will find the DJ stage, where cycling teams will compete for superior energy generation for the DJ. We have gathered the créme de la créme of DJs who will spin records untill you spin no more. Get groovin’!
DJ: New Folder / Clouds / Bjørn Svin / Soundwave DJ Session / Jean von Baden / Copyflex / Lulu Rouge DJ Set / DisCO2
For more information about the DJ’s, check the Programme
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