WEB TV: DET GRØNNE OMRÅDE: The world’s first CO2-neutral festival has started

There were prominent visitors at DTU Friday at the official opening of the world’s first CO2-neutral festival “CO2PENHAGEN”. U.S. Ambassador in Denmark, Laurie S. Fulton, opened the festival with CO2PENHAGENs Board and the two founders, Nina Louise Jensen and Katrine Vejby.

“I am very honored to have been invited to the opening of the world’s first CO2-neutral festival, and I congratulate everyone involved with this wonderful idea. Since President Obama was elected, he tried to lead the world leaders towards a sustainable future. With this festival you have demonstrated how even in everyday life we can do something to help the environment – even while having fun, “said Ambassador Laurie S. Fulton.

See the WEB spot here, September 4, 2009


The Danish TV2-LORRY takes us for an all-round tour of the festival. We hear about how the festival guests participate in generating energy for the festival for example by sorting their garbage and by cycling  on the specially adapted indoor bikes. An interview with the festival’s youngest DJ, age 6, let us in on how it is to perform on the big stage. Danish version only!


Mr. Green Opening event

Mr. Green, a team of 20 actors and actresses in green suits, made quite a stir with their costumes, entertainment, music and energetic spirit while they biked their way from the central square ‘Kongens Nytorv’ in Copenhagen and all the way to DTU and the festival site. The former Technique and Environmental mayor of Copenhagen, Klaus Bondam as well as the festival guests were invited to bike with Mr. Green to the festival site.

COP15’s  film about  CO2PENHAGEN

An interview with one of the founders, Katrine Vejby is spiced with shots from the bike stage where competing teams of cyclists generate the electricity to power music and lighting while two performing musicians talk about how they combine sustainability with their art.

DJ-Bike Stage with Master Fatman

A shot from the Activity Zone, where the Danish DJ ‘Master Fatman’ controls the Brasilian rythms while news reporter, Katrine Krone delivers a spectacular and entertaining peptalk – intensity is increasing while two sweating bike teams from ‘Vattenfall’ and ‘Newpaq’ compete in generating the most energy for the DJ. The audience is cheering and everybody interact in this new constellation between design, technology, music and entertainment.

Mercury Rev on CO2PENHAGEN

A shot from the intimate perfomance of Mercury Rev – Clear light ensemble in combination with silent movie ”Flugten”. In this beautiful and intense music perfomance, the artists are situated very close to the audience, thereby almost terminating the boundary between stage and audience. The performance is so empathetic that it almost becomes one with the story being told in the beautiful old black and white photographic stills of the silent movie.

Lover Earth

A TV-transmitted live concert from Los Angeles with Mark Warford, Nadirah X and Kenna Ramsey, featuring Dave Stewart and Joss Stone.

Grundfos’ cycle installation

Students from the Technical University of Denmark developed this cycle-waterpump game in cooperation with Grundfos. The installation attracted curious festival guests who got themselves drenched in the heat of the battle!

Absorption cooling

At CO2PENHAGEN, drinks were cooled by absorption cooling, achieved using excess heat generated by the rapeseed oil generators. In this way, energy was employed very efficiently by using surplus heat generated in one process to useful purpose in another.

TV2 concert

The Danish band TV2 on stage.

When Saints Go Machine

Mixed shots from the festival

A short selection of happy festival guests partying at the festival.

Bike Stage

Another view from the DJ-stage with competing teams generating energy for music and light.

Bike Stage: Doma Tornados

iBYEN TV: A festival with a different agenda!

Danish version only!

See the WEB spot here, September 4, 2009

DEADLINE DR2: CO2-neutral festival

One of the co-founders of CO2PENHAGEN participate in the Danish TV-program ‘Deadline’ for a discussion about CO2-quotes. Danish version only!

See the WEB spot here, August 24, 2009

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