Surplus energy!

CO2PENHAGEN produced a surplus of energy in all respects. The sustainable energy flowed and the good vibes pulsated all weekend. When the festival closed down Sunday night after a blast of electronica the festival Stirling engine had produced a surplus of 1 MWh of sustainable energy.
So is it possible to run a whole festival on CO2-neutral, sustainable energy? No doubt!
More than 40 bands and DJ’s played to the max on the three festival stages all weekend, films were screened in the Lounge tent, progressive Danish musician Lars H.U.G. lit up his avantgarde multi media art show and there was plenty of cold drinks and warm food – all on sustainable energy.
After the last LED-light had been turned off and the last music had faded out the festival had still produced 1 MWh more energy thatn had been actually used. A lot of the festival’s experiments to save energy  – ie. the energy saving LED-lamps using 50% less energy than normal lamps and the absorption cooling for the drinks – had payed off.
Also the audience and the artists showed a surplus of energy! Mercury Rev’s unique concert resulted in a 5 star review in the renowned danish music magazine GAFFA and Grand Avenue, Dúné, Szhirley, TV-2 and many more delivered outstanding performances that will stay with the audience for a long time to come.