Mobile Applications at CO2PENHAGEN

At DTU Informatics, five groups of students are working hard to make fun and interactive mobile games for CO2PENHAGEN’s Explore Zone.
There are three different multiplayer mobile games being developed for the Environmental Awareness category, called Car Game, Garbage Collector, and Snake. The Car Game will encourage players to get rid of polluting cars and choose more eco-friendly transportation. Garbage Collector is an educational game, which will teach players how to turn their rubbish into a resource by sorting correctly, while The Snake, a new spin on an old fashioned mobile game, will ask guests to maneuver the snake through a 3D maze and eat garbage.
Another project, called Festival Experience Sharing, involves capturing images, pictures, and quotes from the festival guests via the mobile phones’ of CO2PENHAGEN volunteers.
The last but not least project involves 2D barcodes built into the wristbands of festival goers. The wristbands will open up opportunities to connect people to a festival-wide social network, and the aim will be to stimulate social interaction, and participation in on-site competitions.